Zoya: Fast and Easy Beautiful Nails that Last


Fingernails are a fragile yet important part of your body. The health and appearance of your nails will depend on whether you make it a habit to groom your nails as a regular part of your weekly routine, or you neglect them. There is also a significant difference between the types of products available for maintaining the look, appearance, and feel of your nails.

When it comes to creating beautiful nails that last a lifetime, you not only need to develop good habits, but also avoid using cheap materials and ones that benefit not only your nails, but your entire body. After all, your nails can play a key role in hygiene, style, and self-esteem.

But it isn’t all about outward beauty. Proper nail care can help keep your cuticles and surrounding area smooth, hydrated, and may help to reduce painful peeling or cuts – all things that are good for overall health.

So the right nail care not only helps to protect your nails, but will give them a stylish color and glow at the same time. Having clean and tidy nails can have a ripple effect on how you feel about the rest of yourself. There’s a reason people invest in manicures and pedicures!

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what brands are quality versus those with the potential to damage your nails over time. Let me introduce to you Zoya natural nail care products. Zoya is unique in the nail care industry for its quality and sustainable products. But before we dive into Zoya’s great products, let’s first take a look at what it takes to have a comprehensive nail care routine.

Taking Care of Your Nails

If you want quality nails, it’s important that you follow through with behaviors that support your nail health. Some of these habits may or may not seem basic. For instance, did you know that vitamins and nutrients play an important role in your nails’ health? It also benefits your nails if you stay hydrated. Beyond nutrition, it’s helpful to protect your nails by not using them for things like opening letters or picking out staples. And when your nails are polished, take the initiative to use gloves when washing dishes or using household cleaners.

Beyond the basics, nail care methods continue with keeping your nails clean and dry. When filing your nails, make sure to file from the very tip of the nail, moving slowly from one corner of the nail to the other. If you choose to color your nails it is helpful to add both a base coat and top coat to not only protect the nail but enhance the color. When the time comes to remove your nail polish, make sure to use nail polish remover instead of scraping it off. A comprehensive moisturizing routine can also go a long way in keeping your nails looking and feeling healthy. This may seem like a lot to remember, but these methods will go a long way in keeping your nails looking and feeling good.

Some nail care products are made with chemicals that do eventual damage to your nails. Avoid these products whenever possible. Gels and acrylics, for example, look pretty but can damage your nail over time as well as the surrounding skin. Harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulfates are in some products and these should be avoided as well. When the choice is available, it is also better to have an oil-based manicure rather than a water-based. Water actually fluctuates the size of the nail enough that it can cause damage.

Zoya: Fast and Easy Beautiful Nails that Last

Roots of the Zoya brand reach back to 1986 when a couple acted on a passion for creating nail and skin products people could feel good about using. At the heart of their philosophy was making products “5-free,” meaning they were absent of five harmful irritants and carcinogens that were common in nail and skin care products at the time. Fast forward to 2013 and Zoya received an award from InStyle Magazine for “Best Eco-Friendly Nail Polish.”

However, Zoya also has a track record of excellence. In 2008 Zoya received a slew of awards for their high quality products. These include Longest Lasting Nail Polish by Lucky Magazine-Green Guide, Top 10 Nail Polish by Glamour.com, and Longest Lasting Polish by Women’s Health Magazine. Today Zoya has expanded their product line to include other stylish forms of nail treatment such as Naked Manicure which uses quality ingredients to condition and enrich your hands.

Here’s something else you can feel good about: many of Zoya’s products make excellent gifts for friends or loved ones. Zoya’s most eye-catching products have got to be their nail polish seasonal collections. “Sunshine” provides a Summery palette of ruby while “Natural 3” is perfect for Autumn or any time you want to achieve a stylish yet natural look. Then there is the “Party Girls” set which offers eye-popping options for that fun night out.

Proper nail care takes some discipline, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too. Zoya’s line of beautiful nail care products makes sure you can do both at the same time. Take care of your nails the right way by trusting a time-tested, award-winning brand. Your nails will thank you.