Work These Body Parts To Increase Physically Attractiveness


A common question proffered to personal trainers and fitness writers is “What parts of my body should I work out to attract people interested only in physical appearance?” You’ll see lots of variations on this question on online forums.

While it’s possible to answer this question, we tend to think it’s the wrong question. For one, there are very few people who are “only” interested in physical appearance, unless this individual is only interested in some kind of one-night-stand. Anonymous hookups are just one of many possible types of relationship, and even then, people who go after casual hookups tend to do so people they feel they “click with” on a personal level. However, physical attraction is an undeniable part of it.

The other part of this question that’s odd is the assumption that one should work out “parts” of the body, and not the whole thing. It’s possible to work out only one’s “glamour muscles”, but as this is difficult and time consuming on its own (and because it won’t result in the physical benefits of a full body workout), this workout philosophy can be exhausting. There’s nothing wrong with building up the chest and arms, because this will look good on anybody, but so will a body that’s fit from top to bottom.

A fit body might be easier to achieve than you think. The easiest way to begin (at least this is how this writer started) was to work with a personal trainer. This might seem like a big investment (and it is), but it can be well worth it for the immense physical and mental change that so often results. A personal trainer will know exactly how to give you a high quality generalized workout. Furthermore, having a real live person waiting for you at the gym will make you much more likely to follow through with your workout plan.

Walking and running are another great way to invest in general fitness. If you’re like this writer, you don’t much enjoy doing those activities on their own. To provide some extra incentive, your humble narrator bought a large working breed dog that literally begs to go on lengthy walks each day. Walking and running are great for the heart, the lungs, the legs, and the posture. Good posture is a very underrated element of attractiveness. It’s an intangible that most people don’t think about, but which works wonders when it’s right.

If you want to go it alone, a simple workout plan with free weights may be the most effective. Deadlifts, barbell squats, and bench presses are a complete workout all by themselves. Work very carefully on developing good form (so you don’t hurt yourself) and gradually build up weight over weeks from a very low starting point. The barbell squat alone works to many muscle groups that, if you were to pick only one exercise, it can make a noticeable difference in your physical appearance over time. Of course you won’t want to go to the gym and just do one lift, but no matter what others you do, this should be part of your routine each time.

At the end of the day, becoming physically fit is only half the job of being generally attractive. No one is attractive to everybody, but people who are both fit and confidence will increase their chances across the board. Some people can’t feel confident without first feeling fit and strong. For others, confidence alone can carry them a long way. It all depends on your personality. Fitness, in many ways, is its own reward, and you will likely feel better about yourself, and more attractive, as a result. Others may agree.