What You Need To Know During Men’s Health Month

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

According to Harvard Health Publishing, men today face far more health risks than getting prostate cancer. Men seem more likely to abuse alcohol, smoke, make risky choices, and fail to see a doctor for regular check-ups. Naturally, Harvard Health advises men to live a healthy life with regular exercise, reduced stress, and consuming less than two alcoholic drinks a day. Below are some herbs and supplements men can take advantage of to stay in tip-top shape.

Traditional Herbs: Turmeric and Rehmannia for Male Health

An incredibly popular spice in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern dishes, turmeric has a bevy of potential health benefits as well. Turmeric has been shown to support healthy circulation, brain health, as well as your digestive and immune systems. Turmeric adds a wonderfully bright, yellow-orange color and distinct flavor to curry dishes. Traditional Indian dishes such as chicken tikka masala and spiced yellow dal are reasonably healthy, filling dishes that slake the appetite while offering potential health benefits as well.

Rehmannia is another traditional herb used in Asian herbal medicine. The tuberous roots of rehmannia contain over 70 active compounds that include a variety of amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, and other compounds. Rehmannia’s health benefits derive from its main bioactive constituents, iridoid glycosides. These natural, plant-based molecules are thought to slow the aging process, support the health of brain neurons, support anti-inflammatory activity, as well as other things.

Banyan Botanicals Products for Men’s Health

When it comes to finding the best resources for men’s health, it is important to find a quality, trusted brand of products. Banyan Botanicals provides a wide range of quality products based on the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine. Banyan Botanicals’ products are USDA Certified Organic, Sustainable Sourced, and Fairly Traded. Banyan Botanicals combines high expectations and ethics in order to provide products that are great not only for their customers, but for the environment.

Given that their philosophy stems from Ayurvedic medicine, it should come as no surprise they carry a product simply called “Turmeric.” Turmeric is designed specifically to support the immune system and aid cognitive and cardiovascular health. Another product, Stress Ease, is a combination of herbs such as ashwagandha root, shatavari root, brahmi leaf, amalaki fruit and others. This blend of herbs may help reduce fatigue as well as support muscle strength and nervous system health. There is plenty here for men to take advantage of when looking after their health.

Products Like Benfotiamine from New Chapter and Thorne Research

Sometimes supplements can be found beyond the realm of herbs. In the case of benfotiamine, scientists found a way to alter the molecular structure of vitamin B1, also known as thiamin. The molecular adjustment allows the vitamin to cross cell membranes more efficiently. The purpose of creating benfotiamine was to make vitamin B1 fat soluble. Thiamin is naturally water soluble, and therefore cannot be stored in fat cells. However, benfotiamine is fat-soluble and therefore can be stored in fat cells.

Thorne Research makes a great product called Basic B Complex. The supplement contains a wide range of B vitamins, including Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin. Basic B Complex is unique from other supplements because it includes tissue-ready forms of some of the vitamins. Aging men need much more than their vitamins, however. Products like Every Man’s Once Daily Multivitamin from New Chapter contains a blend of whole-food fermented vitamins and minerals, as well as complementary herbs, to support immunity, energy, and heart health.

Men need to keep track of quite a bit when it comes to supporting their health. Weight and stress management are two of their biggest challenges. In addition to living an active lifestyle, many men find it helpful to bolster their health with vitamins and minerals. Adding herbs with various health benefits to their diet can help as well. During this Fathers Day season, consider giving the man you love a product to help his health!