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Children at Dr. Yum’s Food Adventure Camp pick vegetables from the garden outside of Dr. Nimali Fernando’s pediatric office in Spotsylvania, Va., in 2017.

Julia Rendleman for The New York Times

MONDAY PUZZLE — My family is an omnivorous household in the sense that, if we were to average it out, we all eat just about anything. My older child is a vegetarian who is allergic to mushrooms and dislikes green salads, my younger child eats maybe three foods (most of which involve meat), and I’m quite happy to try anything, as long as it doesn’t involve liver, cottage cheese, or has the head still on it. So our bases are covered.

Still, I do like to eat meatless for health reasons, and also because most meatless meals that I’ve encountered are quite delicious. This one is not vegan, but if you want to taste something divine where you will absolutely not miss the meat, try this Cauliflower Parmesan by our own Melissa Clark. It’s on my regular rotation of recipes.

If that doesn’t float your boat, Rich Proulx is back with a few suggestions for your own MEATLESS MONDAY.

Today’s Theme

What’s on your menu for MEATLESS MONDAY (the revealer at 51A)? Mr. Proulx has three suggestions, one of which is a MUSHROOM BURGER. I’ll let you find the other two, although here is one and here is the other.

All three theme entries and their revealer make their debuts today, which is a good thing, because I like my food fresh. Put them on your TV TRAYS or eat at the table. We’re not fussy here.

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