Vegan Russian New Year's Dinner Pops Up in NYC



December 28, 2016

Little Choc Apothecary will serve a five-course Russian meal complete with veganized herring salad, caviar, latkes, and “pork” stuffed cabbage rolls.

Brooklyn-based Little Choc Apothecary will host a five-course, vegan Russian pop-up dinner on January 12. The eatery will treat guests to a plant-based version of a traditional Russian New Year’s meal complete with “herring under a fur coat” Russian salad; latkes with dill créme fraîche and rainbow caviar; quinoa “pork” stuffed cabbage roll with tomato broth and apple honey; mushroom “solyanka” (a tangy soup); and sweet anthill (a cake) with clotted cream and peppermint chocolate for dessert. Tickets for the event are $65–$85 and include complimentary wine. Little Cho Apothecary opened as New York City’s first fully vegan creperie in 2015.

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