Vegan Ice Cream School is Now in Session



December 12, 2016

Sweet Ritual’s Cool School helps dairy-free entrepreneurs learn about how to make ice cream from nuts.

Austin, TX-based vegan ice cream shop Sweet Ritual will be holding Cool School in January 2017. Launched three years ago, the intensive week-long program teaches vegan entrepreneurs ice cream-making techniques, recipe development, and business sense. Sweet Ritual developed the program with the intent to help participants open their own vegan ice cream in their respective home towns. Previous graduates have gone on top open Nice Vice in Vancouver, Canada and Like No Udder in Providence, RI and current students plan to open vegan ice cream shops in Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT. Sweet Ritual has been operating for five years and offers 17 vegan ice cream flavors using various bases such as coconut, almond, peanut, cashew and sunflower seed. Thanks to a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign in February, the ice cream shop plans to open a second location in the near future.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Ritual

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