Vegan Hot Dog Brand "Yeah Dawg!!!" Now Ships Nationwide



December 23, 2016

The company’s soy- and gluten-free, plant-based hot dogs are now available outside of New York.

Last week, Brooklyn, NY-based vegan company Yeah Dawg!!! Announced that its hot dogs will now be available for shipping nationwide. Founded in 2013 by chef and homeless youth counselor Marina Benedetto, the company’s mission is to reinvent classic American foods, sans animal products. “Our food is made from love, and a conscience for a better tomorrow for people, animals, and the environment,” reads the company’s mission statement. Currently, customers can choose from two soy- and gluten-free options—either an eight or a 24-pack—which can be delivered anywhere in the country for a $10 shipping fee. Yeah Dawg!!! previously sold their plant-based hot dogs at various events throughout New York—including pop-up market Vegan Shop-Up, held at vegan bar Pinebox Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Through Christmas, all customers receive a free t-shirt with every order.

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