Follow These Tips To Help Speed Healing After Cooking Accidents


There are not many things more startling than a finger burn suffered while cooking dinner. Nicking your knuckle while peeling potatoes and getting lemon juice in that tender fingernail aren’t too fun either. The kitchen can be full of surprises, but a simple injury is no need to call 911. There are actually some fine home remedies that can nip a slight injury in the bud. Before you know it you can be back to dicing veggies while dancing your special kitchen solo dance and humming a merry tune.

The Healing Potential of Turmeric’s Curcumin

You may actually have access to this ingredient in your kitchen already. One of the most common spices in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cooking, turmeric actually contains a bevy of potential health benefits. These benefits are thanks to curcumin, a curcuminoid that gives turmeric its bright yellow-orange hue. Curcumin is believed to have antioxidant properties as well as support the healthy circulation by helping prevent blood clots.

In addition to giving a dish a kick and some color, turmeric has the potential to support wound healing. Turmeric was used in some ancient cultures to create a paste for healing wounds. Curcumin is believed to support healthy function of the vascular endothelium of the heart, which could support heart health. Curcumin truly is remarkable; the curcuminoid has even been shown to support brain function in an animal study.

The Heat-Clearing Power of Rehmannia

Rehmannia is another herb, like turmeric, that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tuberous roots of rehmannia contain over 70 active compounds, including amino acids and vitamins A, B, C and D. Rehmannia supports a healthy immune response, supports blood glucose levels already in the normal range, and promotes healthy-looking skin. In certain cases, the leaves of Rehmannia have been applied topically as a compress to help soothe itchy or red skin.

Rehmannia serves a wide range of uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In ancient medicine, Rehmannia is used for its heat clearing properties. The herb is often used to treat symptoms of fever, bleedings, anemia and others. Traditional physicians prescribed rehmannia to combat fevers, or what they referred to as “yin deficiency.” In such cases, Rehmannia root might be mixed with sweet wormwood herb, soft-shelled turtle carapace, or other things for relief from symptoms.

Trusted Banyan Botanicals Products for Minor Cuts

If you have the misfortune to get a slight burn while working in the kitchen, one of the best things you can reach for is a nice soothing ointment. Banyan Botanicals has been a trusted brand of supplements and health products since 1996. Banyan Botanicals seeks to create products from renewable resources that are both high quality and ethical. So when you reach for a product such as Organic Neem Oil, you can be confident that the ingredients are pure and produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Blood Cleanse is another excellent product from Banyan Botanicals. The supplement features herbs such as Manjista root, Neem leaf and Turmeric – all certified Organic. The formula is specifically designed to support healthy skin and clear complexion, as well as detoxification and support for healthy blood. As it pertains to traditional medicine, Blood Cleanse is designed to remove heat from the body.

Your blood is the passageway of vital nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. You want to support healthy blood internally as well as promote proper healing when you suffer a minor wound. When you find yourself with a small scrape from cooking dinner, don’t fret. Reach for a salve from Banyan Botanicals to get back on track. Or better yet, lean on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and incorporate herbs such as rehmannia and turmeric into your diet.