Tips for Doing The Shadow Boxer Exercise

Doing a shadow boxer exercise refers to the routine that involves a boxer or fighter moves around while throwing punches in the air at an imaginary opponent.

Shadowboxing is common for fighters who want to condition their muscles, hone their fighting skills, warm-up or warm-down during workouts, or mentally prepare before a fight. When done with the right goals in mind, the shadow boxer exercise can bolster strength, improve boxing technique, speed, power, rhythm, endurance, footwork, defense and offense, and all-round fighting abilities. To successfully carry out the exercise, here are some tips you need to have at the back of your mind.

First and foremost, when you warm-up for the exercise, you need to move around in the right manner. While moving, make use of your legs, relax your shoulders, move your head, throw a few punches, and make sure you’re on the move. Be sure to shake your limbs out repeatedly as you breathe and take purposeful movements.

For your technique, you need to determine if you are working on a certain punch. You should also ascertain the defensive move you’re trying to perfect. There’s no harm in going slow, take time, and constantly monitor your form in the mirror. Rather than working on an entire movement, you should pick out 1 or 2 key techniques to focus on.

Coordination is also important. You can improve your jab technique by throwing jabs from different angles and situations. So, rather than always setting yourself up in a similar stance, you should throw jabs from different stances. Moreover, you should try throwing the jab at various points in your footwork.

Also, ensure that your rhythm and movement flows naturally.