The New 5:2 Diet Cookbook: 2017 Edition Now 800 Calories A Day (Healthy Diet Recipes)

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The 5:2 Diet has never been so easy!

By cutting back to 800 calories for only two days a week you can lose weight and lower your risk of age-related illnesses.

Jacqueline demystifies the latest research, giving you up-to-the-minute guidance to get the most from your 5:2 Diet.

  • 800 calorie ‘diet’ days
  • Overnight fasting
  • New junk food rules
  • Over 100 new and revised recipes
  • 800 Calorie Meal Plans

This essential and easy-to-follow guide is choc-full of advice and help to get you started with The New 5:2 Diet.

Bestselling diet author Jacqueline Whitehart makes the 5:2 Diet easier than ever before.