Plant-Based Protein Gains Momentum on Amazon



December 27, 2016

While whey is still a top-seller, new market research shows plant-based protein powders closing in on the lead.

A forthcoming insight report from market research firm 1010Data indicates that plant-based brands such as Vega are becoming increasingly popular amongst protein powder shoppers on Amazon. “As the fifth most popular online protein powder brand,” sports nutrition writer Steve Myers says, “plant-based Vega’s success is a prime example of the rising popularity of plant proteins.” The report will be compiled based on the shopping habits of millions of Amazon shoppers that contribute to the protein powder market, which generated more than half a billion dollars in sales in 2016. Myers reveals that while whey-based powders are still the top sellers, plant-based brands such as Vega, Orgain, Nature’s Best, and Garden of Life are amongst the top 10 selling protein powders, due to customer demand for “clean” labels and socially responsible brands. Outside of the protein powder market, new vegan packaged goods are poised to grow at an annual rate of 11-percent, according to a recent trend report by market research firm Technavio.

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