Pinterest Predicts Jackfruit As Top Trend for 2017



December 20, 2016

Interest in jackfruit as a meat alternative rose by 420-percent in 2016.

Social media site Pinterest recently released their Pinterest 100 report—a compilation of the biggest trends predicted for 2017. The company’s insights analysts compiled the report from more than 75 billion pins and determined that the popularity of jackfruit—their top trend—amongst users had risen by 420-percent in 2016. Users are interested in jackfruit for its meat-replacement properties, and are pinning ideas for using the plant for the vegan versions of pulled pork sandwiches and peanut curries. Other trends include marble wallpaper, chrome nails, and backless shoes. Several year-end trend reports from various data analyst firms have pointed to the rising popularity of meatless options in restaurants, vegan packaged products, and plant-based milks.

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