Suggestions For How To Aid Muscle And Tissue Recovery


One of the challenges of aging is that our bodies produce less of certain nutrients that are necessary for muscle and tissue recovery. This is especially true for nutrients like collagen, which is the most common protein found in the body. Once we hit about age 25, our collagen production begins to decline. Sometimes it can be beneficial to take a collagen supplement to fill in the nutritional gaps left by aging.

There are three phases of tissue repair. During inflammation, inflammatory chemicals clear out dead cells caused by injury. Proliferation is the formation of scar tissue, which may result in a feeling of soreness surrounding a damaged area. Last, remodeling is the stage in which the regenerated muscle fibers and connective tissue continue to mature. Below are a couple methods that have been shown to help your body in its quest for proper muscle and tissue recovery.

Bone Broth: An Ancient Recipe for Healing Nutrients

Consuming bone broth is a traditional method for getting much needed nutrients into the body. Bone broth is not to be mistaken with either broth or stock, which are similar but distinct liquid sources packed with nutrients. Broth is created by boiling water with foods such as vegetables and meat, as well as aromatics, before being strained and served. Stock is similar but includes bones from animals, and is steamed for longer, then used as a base for sauce or gravy.

Bone broth is a hybrid of broth and stock, but it is often cooked for more than 24 hours and includes bones in the mixture, often with meat attached. Bone broth is traditionally made with animal parts that can’t be eaten directly such as bones, marrow, feet, joint cartilage, knuckles, skin, ligaments and tendons. An acid such as vinegar or lemon juice is necessary to help break bones down and extract beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Once finished, bone broth is perfect for a sauce base or to be replaced with water when cooking rice.

Collagen: The Body’s Most Common Protein

Another source of nutrients you might not be too familiar with is collagen. Collagen makes up 30% of the protein in our bodies, including 70% of the protein in our skin. Collagen is also found in bones, muscles, blood, tendons, and the digestive organs. Taking collagen is thought to support healthy aging, especially in women. Common sources of collagen for consumption are bovine, eggshell, poultry and fish.

There are several types of collagen in the body. The most common type of collagen, Type I, works to support elasticity and may support wound healing. Type I is also present in scar tissue. Type II is responsible for cartilage production and is essential for joints. In fact Type II collagen makes up 50-60% of protein in cartilage. Type III collagen is found along with Type I collagen in skin and organ cells. Type III collagen works to support healthy looking skin, hair and nails, as well as supporting muscle and bone health.

Nutramedix for Mobility and Comfort

If your schedule doesn’t allow time for making bone broth, and if you are skeptical about taking collagen, consider looking to brands such as Nutramedix for your nutritional needs. Founded in 1993, Nutramedix has a company philosophy centered on honesty, integrity and value. Nutramedix is also known for the Cowden protocol, a unique propriety extraction process designed by Lee Cowden, M.D. Some professionals recommend the Cowden protocol for patients suffering from symptoms of late-stage Lyme Disease.

One of Nutramedix’ many quality products is Serrapeptase, a supplement designed to help the body’s natural mobility and daily comfort. Serrapeptase contains the natural proteolytic enzyme serrapeptase, as well as Jerusalem artichoke. Serrapeptase, derived from silkworm cocoons, is meant to support the body’s natural signaling ability. Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin, which is a starch that may help maintain blood sugar levels in the normal range, as well as support the body’s natural immune system.

When it comes to supporting joint health and muscle tissue recovery, there are many options at your disposal. Some nutritious remedies are centuries old like bone broth. Others are more recent phenomena like collagen. Thankfully, there are quality brands such as Nutramedix capable of helping you achieve your nutritional goals. You are never too young to begin taking care of your skin, joints and internal health.