Man Proposes with 1,500 Bottles of Soy Milk



December 30, 2016

Romantic man in China arranges heart pattern from dairy-free beverage bottles to win over his girlfriend.

Last week, a man arranged 1,500 bottles of soy milk into a heart in front of a KFC restaurant in the Shanxi Province of China. A friend called the man’s girlfriend to the scene—around which a crowd had formed—after the cruelty-free heart was complete. The man gave her flowers and proposed on the street in front of a growing group of onlookers. After the proposal, the man urged the crowd to help themselves to a souvenir bottle of soy milk and chaos ensued as people began grabbing several bottles each. While China is consuming more dairy than ever—and as a result, reports have shown an increase in obesity rates amongst Chinese people—the global plant-based milk industry is predicted to grow substantially in coming years. As for the surprised girlfriend? She said “yes.”

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