Humans to Become Herbivores Like Newly Found Dinosaur



December 30, 2016

Columnist Dan Murphy speculates that homo sapiens will be forced to adapt to current food availability as was the newly unearthed Limusaurus.

Archeologists recently unearthed a unique species of dinosaur in the Gobi desert in China. Dubbed Limusaurus inextricabilis, the creature was born with teeth that pointed to a meat-centric diet in its youth but later lost those teeth, signifying a shift toward a plant-based diet. Dairy industry media outlet Dairy Herd columnist Dan Murphy speculated that the change—which happened in just one lifetime of the dinosaur—was influenced by a shift in the type of food available to the animal. Murphy connected this phenomenon to what humans might experience in the near future due to the current state of our environment—in which animal agriculture is becoming increasingly unsustainable. “Rest assured that as surely as nature forced Limusaurus into a significant adaptation,” Murphy said, “homo sapiens will also be impacted if our dietary choices become radically different from what has sustained the species for the last million or so years.”

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