Find Inspiration When Your Fitness Routine Turns Boring

Credit Pixabay

Variety is the spice of life. This is just as true when it comes to your fitness as it is for other areas of life. One of the challenges in keeping a regular exercise routine is keeping things interesting. If you find you have grown tired or bored with your exercise habits, it may be time to think outside the box and try a new approach. Here are some tips that might help put a new spin on your workout habits and keep things fresh as you pursue your fitness goals.

Prepare for Success

It can be tough to stay on track with a fitness regimen without tracking goals. Making specific, attainable goals can be a great way to keep you motivated when working out. Some of the pros recommend writing out specific exercise goals and tracking progress. Your goals may be as minimal as working toward a 5k, or as lofty as prepping for a marathon. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of ambition, tracking your goals is a great way to remain motivated and stay on track.

But keeping fit can feel like a chore, which means it is tempting to have a sloppy approach. However, if you are serious about your fitness it may be time to pay more attention to your exercise attire. Wearing workout clothes that look good and fit well will help you prepare for success. Just like you want to look your best when you clock into work, looking sharp at the gym will help you stay motivated and have your best workout. A new pair of running shoes, in addition to providing much needed support for your feet, could be just the motivating factor you need to get back out there.

Keep Exercise Fun

When the task is fun, it is much easier to take on. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to inject fun into your exercise routine. Consider making a playlist on your phone that will make you excited to get out there and sweat. It may also be time to try a new workout class. Many gyms offer classes, from kickboxing and bootcamp to zoomba, that put a new spin on your workout routine. A class like kickboxing, for example, not only has the potential to be fun but will make you aware of muscles you never knew you had!

One of the keys to keeping a workout routine fun is to think outside the box. Think about exercise less as a chore and more as an opportunity. Some people have found it helpful to tap into the playfulness of childhood when looking for a fun new spin on their fitness. At first blush, taking a hip-hop dance class may seem a bit juvenile, but if it makes you sweat and you are having fun, who cares? Another example: transform the area where you live into your playground, and combine different exercises with a jog around the neighborhood.

Embrace After-Care

There is no need for the fun to end once you are done sweating. You can wind down from your workout in a way that rewards your body for its hard work and makes you feel good. Some athletes have found it helpful to use special after-care products such as a soothing shower gel to pamper their body after exercising. Or maybe you love the idea of sipping a giant protein smoothie after a hard workout. Whatever you choose, pampering yourself just a bit can go a long way in resting your body and putting it in proper shape for the next time you go hard at the gym.

While the energy and mood enhancement one gets from exercising is enough inspiration for some, the truth is others need a more palpable reward system in place to stay motivated. Consider rewarding yourself with a nice dinner out at the end of a solid week of exercising. Or if your specific goal was to get a bikini body, go ahead and make vacation plans at a warm place where you can put that bikini body to good use. Perhaps you need to reward yourself by buying a new pair of running shoes after hitting your marks three months straight.

When it comes to exercising, staying motivated is a very personal thing. It is up to the individual to find what works for him or her. The options are virtually limitless, but there is no reason to become overwhelmed. When making specific workout goals, rely on the expertise of a fitness professional if needed. Perhaps enlisting a workout buddy is just the type of motivation you need to change up your workout routine. Life is short, so get creative!