Entrepreneur Launches Vegan Social Networking Site



December 29, 2016

Bohemian Hippy aims to connect vegan companies and individuals to cruelty-free lifestyle content.

New website Bohemian Hippy “soft” launched in November as a vegan lifestyle resource and social networking platform. The site was developed by United Kingdom-born entrepreneur and animal-rights activist Lynn Jolly as a new way to connect individuals to vegan apparel, food, fitness, beauty, and other companies looking to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. “It is important that people looking for people to connect with can do so with ease,” Jolly said, “and feel part of a family where they can ask questions, arrange meet-ups, find love and friends with like-minded people who share their own values about peace, love, and compassion to all beings.” The site is currently focused on the UK demographic, but Jolly plans to extend its reach to the rest of Europe and beyond. All profits generated by Bohemian Hippy will be donated to animal-rights organizations and farmed animal sanctuaries.

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