The Most Effective Exercise Cardio Equipment

There are quite a good number of exercise cardio equipment. Here’s a quick rundown of the most effective ones, based on improved aerobic fitness, functionality, availability, and general effectiveness.


This is arguably the most popular exercise cardio equipment in the game. A treadmill lets you move your body appropriately. It’s easy to use! A simple press on the start button brings it to life, And you can use its arrows to adjust speed.

Rowing Machine

Although you’ll not find a rowing machine in some gyms, it’s pretty effective exercise cardio equipment. The deal with this is that it offers significant range-of-motion and full-body movement. A mere 10 minutes of intervals on this machine will impact the health of the entire body.


While the bike has am 80’s vintage appearance, it delivers results. The deal is, the harder your pedal, the higher the wind resistance. For improved results, you can engage in intervals of pushing hard for 30 seconds, then you take a 1 break.

Stair Mill

What could be more effective than walking up more or less like a never-ending flight of stairs? If you plan on using the stair mill, intervals will give you the best results. However, avoid supporting most of your upper body on the handles. It can make you feel like you’re still putting in work, but your intensity will drop and you’ll not burn enough calories.

Spin Bike

A spin bike only has a little less oomph than the Airdyne. Regardless, it’s a great piece of exercise cardio equipment. A long-distance routine, high-intensity intervals, or opting for a spin class might help. Besides, new riders should note that sitting on the less-than-comfortable saddle for a long period can cause awkward bruising the next day.

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