Do These Exercises During Your Couples Exercise Classes

Exercise is one of the best things humans can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a workout routine helps you to maintain a healthy body and overall sense of wellness. While workouts and exercise can feel like a chore, they can also be fun, especially when couples get involved.

During exercise classes, so many types of activities come up and they are all mostly enjoyable. Here, we will make mention of some we feel will add some spice to your couples exercise classes.

Double Trouble

This is exactly not what it sounds like. Do you love it when you get your abs burning? Then this is a good option for you. Here, both of you grab your abdominal muscles at the same time. You will sit right across from each other and clamp your legs together to get a grip on the other person.

Stretch your arms forward with one holding a light weight, and then do a sit-up at the same time. Fully stretch and let your arm come next to your head to the floor. Slowly lift your body up; that way, you do a lot even if you are not holding a light weight. Pass whatever item you are holding to your partner and repeat 10 times. Altogether, you should do about 20 sit ups with the item in your hand and 10 without it. Your muscles should be burning.

Leg Throw-Down

One person stands upright and the other person lies flat with their back on the floor. The person lying on the floor holds the ankles of the person standing, then you both slowly lift your legs, one after the other. The person standing then pushes gently against the feet of the person lying on the ground. That way, the legs move towards the ground, and just before your feet touch the ground, bring them up again. Repeat this exercise twenty to thirty times. Try swapping positions!

These couples exercises are fun and will keep you and your partner active and healthy. It is also a great way to spend time together and have fun!