The Consequences Of Poor Nutrition On Exercise Recovery

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

It should come as no surprise that your body’s fuel – in other words, food – is one of the most important factors in allowing your body to bounce back from strenuous activity. Did you know it is not just enough to eat healthy foods to stay healthy? Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our bodies are still not performing optimally, and a supplement may be just what we need to get back on track.

Nutrition Enables Proper Recovery

Nutrition plays a crucial role in helping our bodies bounce back from strenuous activity. After we exercise, our body needs to be replenished from the energy and resources expended. Protein is particularly important since it is needed to rebuild muscle fibers broken down by exercising. Hydration is also important because our bodies cannot function properly without water and electrolytes. A wide range of vitamins are also needed to allow your body to take full advantage of exercise and get your body back to optimal performance.

Substance abuse is another way the body expends resources that desperately need to be replenished. Drugs and alcohol leave a toll on the body it is equipped to deal with initially, but recovering to a healthy stasis is another thing entirely. Marijuana use, for instance, often leads to the user consuming unhealthy foods that can lead to weight problems and nutritional gaps. One of the best things you can do for your body after – or even during – a night of drinking is to take a vitamin supplement so your body can more easily get back on track.

Recovery Aids from Metagenics

There are many choices available when it comes to shopping for vitamins and supplements. It is very important to get nutritional supplements from a trusted brand, because not all brands offer equal quality. Metagenics is one brand you can rely on. Metagenics is unique in that its products are designed to realize the genetic potential of its consumers. According to scientific research, genetics predispose us to quite a bit. Metagenics exists to help people be the healthiest their bodies are capable of becoming.

Metagenics has quite a few products that are well equipped to aid people in recovery. Take Advanced Protein, for example. Advanced Protein combines 25 vitamins as well as both pea and rice protein to support normal aging, a healthy skeletal system and proper muscle development. The powder is perfect for blending with other ingredients for a morning or post-workout smoothie. Advanced Protein comes in flavors of Dutch Chocolate, Vanilla and Plain, so your vitamins and minerals are sure to go down easy.

Recovery Aids from Integrative Therapeutics

Another company well-trusted for their top-notch quality and consistency is Integrative Therapeutics. Integrative Therapeutics has a GMP-audited facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin where their products are tested regularly. The company has been in existence for 35 years providing products that support gastrointestinal health, neuroendocrine health, and much more.

Max Mood Balance is just one of their many fine products. When a body and brain are recovering from strenuous activity, cognitive health is often influenced. 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, and Vitamin B6 are just a few ingredients in Max Mood Balance that can help get your cognitive health back on track. Having optimal cognitive health is incredibly important not only for maintaining proper emotions, but for making sure the rest of the body is working in harmony.

The options seem limitless when it comes to seeking out good sources of vitamins and supplements. That’s why I hope you will find these suggestions helpful. Check out the other excellent products from both Integrative Therapeutics and Metagenics, because there are many other good ones I did not mention. Products from these brands might be just what you need to help your body recover from exercise, a low mood, and any number of other life challenges.