All-Vegan Kebab Shop Lands in London



January 1, 2017

Popular British late-night food is about to get a cruelty-free makeover.

Vegan kebab shop What the Pitta will open its doors in London, England on February 1. The meat-free shop currently operates as a pop-up in Shoreditch, and the permanent location will feature options such as vegan Döner kebab, salad boxes, and baklava. “We know veganism is set to boom in 2017, so it’s about time London had its own tastier, meat free alternative,” founder Cem Kaymaz-Yildiz said. According to a 2016 survey compiled by Vegan Society, the United Kingdom has experienced a rapid growth in its vegan population, up by 360 percent in the previous decade. Kaymaz-Yildiz said his new eatery will fill a void for healthy late-night options in the region. “Not only for vegans, this is a healthier option that does good for you, the planet, and doesn’t come with the next morning regret.” In January, London will also be home to the world’s first-all vegan fried chicken restaurant Temple of Seitan.

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